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Doc Martin's Sunblock, developed by Maui Dermatologist George M. Martin, M.D., is the result of six years of product development. Being an avid surfer himself, Dr. Martin has worked with other surfers, windsurfers, swimmers, cyclists, tennis and golf players in product development. The results represent some of the most significant advances in sunscreen technology in the last years.

Because of it's unique formulation, Doc Martin's Sunblock is a radical departure from other sun blocks, making it "Mega Waterproof". It has a distinctive delivery system unlike any other sunblock that provides an SPF of 30 protection, feels cosmetically elegant, and lasts ALL day in water (SPF of 20 even after six hours in water).

In general, sunblocks are comprised of two components. The first being the vehicle, or delivery system, which carries the actual sun-blocking ingredient to the skin. The second are the actual sun blocking components themselves, which are either chemicals such as Padimate O, Cimmamates, Benzophones, which absorb the UV rays before they pass through the skin, or physical sun blockers, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which reflect UV rays, blocking their penetration into the skin. Doc Martin's Sunblock's unique proprietary delivery system allows rapid penetration of the sun blocking ingredients, tight binding of these ingredients to the skin, and rapid evaporation of the vehicle, so that you have a cosmetically improved, non-greasy, and longer lasting sunblock.

The term "waterproof" only requires a sunblock to last 80 minutes in water before reapplication is necessary. That is why we call Doc Martin's "Mega Waterproof", because it will withstand rigorous conditions in and out of water, ALL DAY, with one application. Doc Martin's is proven to out-perform other sunblocks.

Doc Martin's provides both UVA and UVB protection. It is non-toxic, Paba free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. It's greaseless, sweat proof formula is moisturizing and will not run into eyes.

Doc Martin's is the "sunscreen of choice" for professional surfers, windsurfers, tennis players, golfers, fishermen, as well as mothers desiring a sunscreen that protects their children all day and does not run into their eyes.....it stays where you put it!

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